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This form is for us to get an idea of the demand of current programs and what programs should be made available in the future, it is not a sign-up form. The programs provide training for asthma educators to deliver self-management education to parents and caregivers.

Acting on Behalf of my Child© (ABC) to Control Asthma - For the parents and caregivers of infants and young children with asthma. Includes DVD with asthma literacy booklet promoting the importance and safety of an inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) in the medication regimen. (CPT 98960)

Asthma Control Everyday© (ACE) - For school age children and their families. Supports a session with a trained educator. (CPT 98960)

Counseling for Asthma Risk Reduction© (CARR) - Training for clinic-based asthma educators to provide comprehensive education and guidance to children and families during the first four (4) clinic visits for standard curriculum. (CPT 99402, 99401)

Pharmacist’s Asthma Encounter Management Application Training© (EMA) - For Missouri pharmacists. An automated point-of-dispensing system to address asthma medication- related problems and other self-care issues. (CPT 99605)

Becoming an Asthma Educator and Care Manager© (BAECM) - Completion of either a face-to-face Becoming an Asthma Educator and Care Manager (BAECM)© [6-hour workshop] OR [on-line BAECM, 3.5 hours plus EPR3 Highlights, 2.5 hours] is required for designation as a mid-level asthma worker and member of the Missouri Asthma Educator Network (MAEN). Members are then eligible for credentialing through additional on-line training for use of population-specific standardized asthma education curricula (ABC, ACE, or CARR). Reimbursement is available for delivering these services to eligible children and their families.

EPR3 Highlights© - On-line asthma training program (2.5 hours) with pre and post test designed for primary care providers, which provides an overview of the most recent (2007) national asthma guidelines (Expert Panel Report 3: Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Asthma). This course can substitute for attending a live ARCT1 event.

Asthma Ready Clinic Training, Part 1© - This evidence based 2 hour continuing education (CME) program developed by the MU School of Medicine is intended for physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who provide direct care to individuals who have asthma. ARCT1 incorporates information from Physician Asthma Care Education (PACE) and is aimed at peaking interest in EPR3-compliant practices in primary care. Group event, usually a dinner or breakfast CME sponsored by the local hospital or medical society for primary care providers.

Asthma Ready Clinics Training, Part 2© - This is a 4 hour CME event developed by the MU School of Medicine, based on Physicians Asthma Care Education (PACE) aimed at equipping local clinical teams to implement EPR3-compliant practices, for all clinic staff. Asthma assessment equipment and asthma care supplies are provided to clinic at completion of training. A meal is provided during this training session.