Health System Specialist, MO & KS
Certified Asthma Educator

Erica Forrest, MS, RRT, AE-C has worked in the field of asthma management and environmental control for over 20 years. She began her career at Children’s Mercy Hospital starting in Respiratory Therapy, and transitioning to environmental health where she worked for 12 years focusing on performing home environmental assessments for asthma, lead poisoning, and other chronic health conditions; environmental research, community outreach and education with schools, childcare centers, and provider offices, as well as developing an award-winning national healthy homes training center and network of which she was the lead trainer. Erica believes in a holistic approach to asthma control, which is done by creating awareness on the impact of indoor and outdoor environmental hazards, allowing people to make informed decisions to improve and maintain their health. Erica transitioned to Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2017 where she currently works as a Health System Specialist, driving utilization of best practices in health systems on asthma and allergy management including strategies for identification and mitigation of allergic triggers. Erica has collaborated with Asthma Ready Communities since 2009. She holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Respiratory Therapy from the University of Missouri, Columbia and a Master of Science in Business Management with a minor in Human Resources from Baker University.