You are an Asthma Hero.

We are grateful and applaud your participation in Becoming An Asthma Educator and Care Manager Program via Zoom.We hope you have started to try what you learned because people with asthma depend on heroes like you. These messages are a follow-up to the training to provide reminders, resources, and reflections. Thank you for being an asthma hero.

University of Missouri Asthma Ready Program
Missouri Asthma Prevention and Control Program

Ben Francisco, NP, PhD
Tammy Rood, DNP, PNP
Rebecca Brown, RRT, AE-C

Asthma action plans

The asthma action plan (AAP) is a cornerstone of asthma care management.  Both creating it and discussing it with a family can count as a qualifying health home service (aka, “touch”).  Many good AAP templates are available, such as Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America, National Institutes of Health, American Lung Association.  By sharing or updating an AAP with a school nurse, you can provide another qualifying health home service.

Teaching inhalation technique

Have you assessed how well your patienttakes an inhaled medication?  As we discussed in the training session, many patients need coaching on how to take inhaled medications properly…so the medications can work well. If you need help getting started with teaching inhalation technique, let us know. We have equipment, videos, or one-on-one consults available for you.

People with asthma depend on health care heroes like you. Thank you for being an asthma hero.

Asthma Control Test

You can measure the status of asthma control with a short, validated questionnaire.  Try it out with your next patient and communicate results across the healthcare team.

Use spirometry

Many asthma care managers say it is hard to find a provider that offers spirometry, a common test that measures lung function.  Do you have a reliable provider for spirometry testing?  How long is the wait for an appointment?  While many patients benefit from periodic spirometry testing (especially when a new medication is started), it is often forgotten or just downright unavailable.  Has your clinic considered offering spirometry onsite?  (Spirometry is reimbursed by commercial health plans, Medicare and Medicaid/MOHealthNet.)

Consultants and advisors are available for you

The Missouri Asthma Prevention and Control Program team includes experienced professionals who are available to answer questions, provide additional training, and support decision-making.  Please reach out to us. We are here to help you give super care to patients.

Rebecca Brown, MPA, AE-C, RRT
Community Asthma Coordinator, University of Missouri Asthma Ready Communities
(913) 219-2867

Ben Francisco, PNP, PhD
Professor, University of Missouri School of Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine Director, Asthma Ready Communities
(573) 884-8629

Tammy Rood, PNP, DNP, AE-C
University of Missouri HealthCare Asthma Ready Communities
(573) 884-8629

Peggy Gaddy, RRT, MBA
Manager, Missouri Asthma Prevention and Control Program
(573) 522-2876