Missouri Regional Asthma Hubs

Childhood asthma remains one of the most common chronic childhood diseases. Asthma disproportionally affects low socioeconomic populations (e.g. Medicaid recipients) in rural areas and other population groups such as African Americans. Children and teens are particularly vulnerable to asthma exacerbations and persistent uncontrolled asthma.This project plans to bring up to scale a proven and effective approach that enables successful community partnerships that lead to integrated quality asthma care across settings and better population health outcomes. Asthma Ready® Communities (ARC) at the University of Missouri plans six Community Asthma Care &Education Hubs or CACE Hubs. CACE Hubs are designated, contiguous multicounty regions identified through Medicaid claims data as having disparate rates of uncontrolled pediatric asthma. Cross-setting initiatives will improve access and reduce uncontrolled asthma. The six regions are shown in the map.


A baseline report on childhood asthma is being completed for each region.