Shelley Cooper, EDD specializes in designing innovative telehealth solutions. She earned her doctorate in Instructional Technology and Distance Education from Nova Southeastern University it Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Her dissertation entitled, Opinion leaders’ perspective of the benefits and barriers in telemedicine: A grounded theory study of telehealth in the Midwest, explored a variety of telehealth products, services and scenarios. She has designed and implemented a variety of pediatric telehealth and tele behavioral-health projects at schools, hospitals, clinics. Dr. Cooper created the Come On Now software platform that replaces no-show and late cancellation medical appointments with telehealth visits. It was used by Mid-America Regional Council Head Start, Swope Health Services and Excelsior Springs School District. With Remodel Relief, she created a way to keep homes healthier by monitoring home maintenance tasks. She is the leader of Kansas City’s Parent Advisory Group, assisting parents of children with asthma and inspiring the ALPACAH Project. She also provides free Teladoc memberships for homeless families funded by her nonprofit organization. Currently, she is collaborating with University of Missouri’s Asthma Ready Communities on the Teaming Up for Asthma Control (TUAC).