I am a pediatric nurse practitioner and certified asthma educator in the Pediatric Pulmonary & Allergy Division at the University of Missouri-Columbia. I have been caring for children with asthma since 2008. I am a team member of Asthma Ready® Communities, the Missouri Asthma Prevention and Control Program, and the asthma ECHOs (Extension for Community Health Outcomes). I am passionate about asthma education. I have participated in multiple asthma improvement activities across settings of care. Particularly, I have worked with school districts to provide training and deliver asthma self-management education using the Teaming Up for Asthma Control program.  In 2017, I joined the Sinclair School of Nursing in Columbia as an Adjunct Professor. I am an Assistant Teaching Professor and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Area Coordinator. I strongly believe good asthma care has the potential to dramatically improve quality of life for children with asthma and their families!